Monday, 16 June 2014

Copy-Edit Released to the World

I've sent my proofread of the above-named novel back to Mr. Fairbridge the copy-editor, so I think the only thing left for me to do will be proofing the galleys in six months or so.  D&M will release the book in March 2015.  Now to decide which of three half-written books I should fall into.

(Photo outside the Elite Café, Penticton BC.)

The Golden Age of Online Journals

I was looking through my so-called archives on the old website, and this story, first posted nine years ago, is still up and alive!  That guy Kent Bruyneel sure did work hard, and still does I assume.

I still like this story a whole lot.  Much of the sleigh ride scene has been co-opted for a flashback in All-Day Breakfast, so read this and then when the novel comes out in March you can find the scene and beam at it admiringly.  You knew the sleigh ride way back when.

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Slight jiggling of publication date II.

Due to some medical weirdness on my part, publication of All-Day Breakfast has been backed up to a firm March 2015.  I'm entering changes to the copy-edit right now, so that's the month to sharpen a pencil for and circle in its entirety on the next calendar you buy. 

D&M/Harbour Publishing is a fine a group of people, and Anna Comfort O'Keeffe in particular.  Thanks to all of those guys, as well as my confederate of 20 years, freelance editor Derek Fairbridge.