Friday, 10 April 2015

Your Last Chance for Giveaway Contest

"All-Day Breakfast" Giveaway Contest: Shawn Pol and James Baker correctly answered Question #2 as Bruce Springsteen. Then Mr. Pol's name was pulled in the draw! Sorry, James Baker!

ADB Giveaway Contest, Question #3 (the last):
Peter's gang sings karaoke to a song recorded by both Van Halen and The Kinks. What song?

Direct message your answer on Facebook author page (link on posts below) to have this killer new novel mailed straight to your door, where it won't necessarily kill you. It will only kill your MIND. Answers due noon PST, Monday April 12.

(That`s my kickass sis Katy Schroeder in the photo. She's on a plane!)

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