Friday, 13 February 2015

All-Day Breakfast book trailer is new, beautiful

The first entry on this blog posted a link to a now-2.5-year-old book trailer for All-Day Breakfast, and I think I've finally located its raw footage so I can chop that one up so it's shorter and shows the correct publication date.

IN THE MEANTIME I've made an entirely new one, with the help of a shiny new Blue Yeti microphone, an eerie sun over Surrey BC, and an actual Union Pacific rail car in New Westminster! I totally made BC look like the bleak Midwest! Is the bleak Midwest sometimes not in focus?

The clip's backbone is the middle minute of Rick Maddocks' song "Nobody Nowhere," from The Beige's album 01. He is a nice guy to let me use it. I'm remiss not to have included his plain-beautiful singing, heard on almost of every song of The Beige's 01 and El Angel Exterminador, The Lost Gospel Ensemble's The Meal and Sun Belt's Cabalcor.

The ninja footage is entirely relevant to the novel.

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