Tuesday, 3 February 2015

West is the Beast

Just home from a great Vancouver weekend, getting to spend oceans of time with my sister Katy, head honcho at Vancouver Performing Stars, then laying down the usual beats and rhymes on Can't Lit podcast (online February 23, will link when it's ready), then Cards Against Humanity and Super Bowl (no heartache there since I roll with the Steelers) with friends, cousins and more friends (including Al Hoffman of Acme Café), ending Sunday at the PuSH Festival for the Sun Belt show, Cabaldor. Monday with a UBC Creative Writing kinda-reunion lunch, then an interview with Peter Darbyshire from The Province. How come? Because All-Day Breakfast IS COMING.

When I head out of Penticton it's big-time. Then I stay home six months.

Also news: happy inclusion in CBC Books' Top 5 February Picks. (Which might be early for my book.) All the same, to pre-order please track down my All-Day Breakfast winged baboon at your favourite online vendor.

(Photo from my VGH Neurosurgery window, April 2014. Pretty sweet.)

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